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Fine Arts 4 U Mobile Web Application


Fine Arts 4 U (FA4U) is a resource for first year fine arts students at York University. The purpose of this project is to create a mobile version of the FA4U website. The most important part of this project is that instead of simply recreating the website in a mobile platform, user research and content analysis was conducted in order to establish a refined scope, which is appropriate for a mobile app. The scope of the app, which is to help students access information about upcoming fine arts events on and off campus, is tailored to the needs of its audience. Personas and user scenarios have guided the design process and therefore allow the interface and subsequent interactions to focus strictly on attending to the user’s end goals.

This project was created in collaboration with Ashley Luppe, Elsie Ng and Sarah Beranger. I was involved in the definition of the project scope, information architecture, user interface design as well as the creation of icons for the application.